Jot Studios is a Cartoon Illustration, Animation, Web and Game Development Studio run by John Adrian Abbott with happy clients across the globe (including Europe and North America). Here's a quick summary of what we love to do :-

Static Cartoon Illustration and Cartoon Logo Design :-
Cartoons are simply a great way of communicating. Whatever the message, it can be best expressed as a cartoon (unless the message is that you've just run over your mum's cat - in which case give her flowers and a cuddle). Cartoons can be produced in a variety of styles (see our portfolio) for a range of budgets.
We can provide the images electronically (jpg,png,gif etc) or can arrange for cartoons to be printed (e.g. personalised wedding invitations or other bespoke greetings cards). So if you want a cartoonist to help you communicate your message, please get in touch.

Games, Websites and Cartoon Flash Animations :-
We develop educational and creative gaming apps for young children. Predominantly for the Blackberry Playbook and iPhone/iPad - but also Android devices.
In addition we design and develop websites (again predominantly those with a cartoony style). We also create cartoon animations (in Flash) for websites, logos, banner ads, fun interactive menus, cartoons, learning resources, Ecards, games and a whole lot more. They can also be used on other media, such as DVDs, for a wide range of purposes.
Our web development expertise covers a wide range of projects - including full website design (for example The Bubbles Factory). We have many years of Object Oriented development under our belt (using Java and .NET) and have expertise in Actionscript as well as HTML, PHP and MySQL.

Cartoonist wanted ? iPhone game needed ? Flash Animation required ? Contact us we'd love to create something for you.
Cartoonist John Adrian Abbott creates cartoons and Flash animations.

Wedding Cards

Cartoonist wanted for bespoke wedding cards - then contact us. If you'd like a personalised wedding invitation then we'd love to design one for you. We've designed and illustrated wedding stationery for many happy couples over the years. We can create a special wedding invite just for you or customise one of our existing designs. Distinct and individual bespoke wedding cards created just for your to celebrate the best day of your life. Save the date, Wedding invitations, Order of service, Thankyou cards and Table stationery can all be created with the same cartoon or illustrative style.

Cartoon flash animator

JotStudios specialises in producing cartoons in Flash as well as for the print. So if you want a cartoon flash animation for your website (look at our homepage and portfolio for examples. We create cartoon Flash banners. We create cartoon Flash menus. We create cartoon Flash websites. We create cartoon Flash games. As well as providing cartoon character design and animation we can

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