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Flash Cartoons - Cartoon Logos, Cartoon Banner Ads and Interactive Flash

JotStudios has produced a number of cartoon character designs and cartoon flash animations for Garage Door Spares - the UKs leading Garage Door Spares retailer.

This page shows 3 examples of the cartoon flash work Jot Studios created.

Above is an animated cartoon logo for the company's website - hover over it and Richard waves.

Right is one of a series of flash cartoon banner ads that appears on the client's website to highlight the key services the company delivers.

Far Right The client liked the interactive cartoon character on our Contact Page and wanted a similar feature for their site. This cartoon flash animation has a hook in it that allows the web designer to make any text appear in the character's speech bubble. Combine this with some AJAX code on your webserver and the cartoon can interact with the user and give them help/advice related to what they are doing on the page.
Sorry! There has been a problem loading the animation...
Sorry! There has been a problem loading the animation...